Best Paper Shredder Machine Review 2021

Finding the best paper shredder for your home or business is a serious decision and with our paper shredder reviews we hope to serve you in saving the time to research and select the best rated model for your needs. This article will take us on a journey of identifying the different types of paper shredders and a review of top paper shredders available in the market, with the aim of assisting you in making your choice of the ideal paper shredder.

Best Paper Shredder Machine Review 2021


This heavy duty shredder from Fellowes can cut up to 16 sheets of paper at once into 397 cross-cut particles (5/32” x 1-1/2” Security Level P-4). Apart from papers, credit cards, CDs, DVDs, paper clips, and staples are other materials that can be shredded using the Fellowes Powershred 79Ci.Its 100% Jam Proof System is on three levels, meaning no more paper jams that limit productivity.

FELLOWES 79CI JAM PROOF HEAVY DUTY PAPER AND CREDIT CARD SHREDDERIt achieves this by resisting overfeeding, continuing operation in spite of inconsistencies in paper fed into it, and providing instant feedback on usage of correct capacity.In line with modern technology and office use, the Fellowes shredder is silent in operation. The machine’s Energy Saving System means utility bills do not necessarily have to spike because you have a few papers to shred. Fellowes Powershred 79Ci is built to shred for about 20 minutes non-stop before it needs a cool down time of about 30 minutes.The machine’s size, touch screen features with LED backlights and sleek black and silver colour design, makes it user-friendly and at home in office settings. The control monitor measures 21.5 x 12.19 x 15.38 inches (LxWxD), this innovative feature is smooth to use.

The paper shredding machine adopted the SafeSense technology for safety purposes, it works through a sensor that triggers the machine to stop working when the sensors pick up a hand close by or at the opening. It comes with a pre-installed 6-gallon removable waste paper basket for holding shredded paper. 79Ci manufacturers, Fellowes grants a two-year warranty for the machine, while the cutter has a warranty of five years.

Customers who have used Fellowes 79Ci have given it a 4.7-star rating on Amazon (over 2000 customer reviews) and 4.8 on Walmart. Purchasers of the machine all say they are satisfied with the 79Ci because it functions as advertised.All these features and reviews have easily made the Fellowes Powershred 79Ci 100% Jam proof 16-sheet crosscut heavy duty paper shredder the best paper shredder available in the market. It’s available in online stores starting from $179 for brand new and $127 for use. Most online stores will deliver your shredder within 24 hours of placing your order.


This economic small paper shredder that has pride of place as one of the ideal paper shredders, especially as the best shredder for home and office. From the machine’s name, we know it has the capacity for only 6 sheets at a time. Amazon Basic 6 cut cross shredder has over 5300 reviews on Amazon, the highest I’ve come across so far. This simply shows the machine gives utmost satisfaction, as customers will not spend their time writing reviews for a product they don’t like. The sterling reviews give the machine a 4.7 rating out of 5 stars.


The machine shreds 6 sheets at once into crosscut pieces measuring 7/32 by 1-27/32 inches (security level P-5). Apart from papers, it can also shred discs and credit cards, but one at a time. The shredder can cut a stack of 8.7 inches paper fed into it in a minute. It has the capacity to shred nonstop for 2 minutes before it needed a cool down time of 30 minutes.Its Auto Start feature means once switched on, it can remain on standby and immediately resume shredding once its sensors pick that there is a paper for shredding at the opening. It has a manual reverse lever to aid elimination of paper jams and improve machine efficiency.

Shredding activities generate heat, and to prevent damage to skin, the Amazon Basic 6 comes installed with a thermal protection system that has auto shut-off option which is triggered when the machine is cooled.Its size of 15 x 12.1 x 7.7 inches makes it fittable under a desk for easy reach during work hours.

A customer while writing a review for this product said she is satisfied that the product functions as expected. It is meant for light duty shredding, and easy to maintain, making it the best home shredder. To lubricate, just run few papers sprinkled with oil once a month into the machine.Amazon Basics, manufacturers of Amazon Basic 6 cross cut shredder released the product to consumers with a 1-year Limited Warranty backing it. Available at online stores with new paper shredder price starting from $29.99 while old cost $25.99. Shipping is free, so long as you purchase other items to a tune of $49.99.


This machine from AmazonBasic has the capacity to cut 8 sheets of paper measuring ¾ inch at once into ¼ inch strips. Apart from papers, the machine can also shred CDs and DVDs, including Blu Rays discs, but not more than one each at once. Just as there is a slot through which papers are fed into the machine, there is also a slot meant solely for discs. To shred a disc, all you have to do is lift the safety cover, and long press the button at the disc slot, gently press one disc into the slot, the machine will cut it into four pieces. The AmazonBasics 8 strip cut shredder can shred a 9.84 feet stack of paper in a minute while being capable of 2 minutes nonstop paper shredding before it will need a cool down period of 15 minutes.

This cheap paper shredder has Auto start features and a manual reverse lever to help get rid of paper jams and increase productivity. It can be easily maintained with no need to remove the staples.AmazonBasic 8 comes with a 3.2-gallon pull out wastebasket for holding shredded paper during use. Whirring of the machine during shredding generates heat that could cause damage or burns, fortunately, this machine comes installed with thermal protection.Its size of 12.99 x 12.8 x 6.5 inches (LxWxD) makes it suitable for desk side location in the office.

The powerful machine has proven reliable in getting rid of confidential documents from no longer needed ATM and shopping receipts, insurance packets and mortgage statements. Junk mail, excess paper from tax season, and pay slips can now be done away with in a way that helps preserve your identity from theft and discovery.

AmazonBasics, manufacturers of AmazonBasics 8 strip cut shredder grants a 1-year limited warranty to purchasers of its new products. It is available in online stores at a cost of $29.99 for brand new. This price includes shipping. Customer review for AmazonBasic 8 has earned it 3.9 out of 5 stars from over 3000 customers, this has thus put the machine on the list of best home paper shredder available in the market.


The Aurora  Professionall 15-Sheet Grade  High-Security Micro-Cut Paper, clips, CDs, DVDs, ATM cards, and Credit Cards Shredder with Pullout Basket also has pride of place on the good paper shredders list. Apart from papers and like all other paper shredders, it takes care of junk mails and old no longer needed bills and receipts. Discs and cards are shred one at a time.

The paper shredder machine can shred 15 sheets of paper into micro pieces measuring 5/32 x 15/32 inches (security level P-4). It shreds up to 6 times more than crosscut. Crosscut will turn a sheet of paper into 360 pieces while micro cut will turn that same paper into 2,235 pieces. A review by a customer on Aurora says this difference is tremendous and has made Aurora 15 sheet micro-cut shredder a favourite for safely disposing of medical records, wills, deeds and no longer needed tax returns or other confidential and sensitive documents. It has the capacity to shred about 6 feet of paper in a minute and can shred nonstop for 8 minutes before needing a cool down period of 60 minutes.

Auto start feature means it can stay on for standby purposes and has sensors to detect when a paper is close to its opening which triggers the machine to begin shredding. Manual reverse lever functions to get rid of paper jams that hinder productivity. Aurora micro-cut shredder comes with a very large pull out the bin of 8.5 gallon, used to hold shredded paper when in use. The paper feed box is 9.1 inches wide. The heat generated from using the paper shredder machine is regulated by the thermal protection system and has auto shut off function that is triggered when the machine cools to a certain degree.

This machine has sterling ratings on Aurora, 156 customers have given it a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Customers have noted that its heavy-duty functions have made it the best office paper shredder. Aurora  Professionall 15-Sheet micro cut shredder measures 16.93 x 12.99 x 23.62 inches, meaning it can comfortably rest at a desk-side location bin the office. Its manufacturer Aurora grants the product a 1-year Limited Warranty. The machine is available in online stores starting from $218.46 for brand new, price includes shipping.


Finally, the last but not the least of the good paper shredder is the Fellowes Powershred W11C, 11-Sheet Cross-cut Paper, clips, discs, ATM cards and Credit Cards Shredder with Safety Lock System. This machine can shred a sheet of paper into 431 cross-cut pieces measuring 5/32 x 1-3/8 inches (Security Level P-4). It also has the capacity to shred nonstop for about 5 minutes before needing a cool down period of about 20 minutes. The wastebasket for holding shredded papers has a capacity of 4.75 gallons with lift-off cover and a handle.FELLOWES 3103201 POWERSHRED W-11C 11 SHEET PAPER & CREDIT CARD CROSS-CUT SHREDDER

It has a high safety feature with its innovative and patented Safety-Lock System which functions by disabling the shredder when the sensors pick up that a human hand or other body part is close. Thus ensuring children and pets are safe from the machine.

Customer reviews on Followes rate this product 4.5 out of 5 stars from over 5352 customers. They all agree this Fellowes paper shredder is economic, and reliable for medium duty tasks. It’s the size of 8.5 x 13.75 x 18 inches also makes it ideal for a desk-side location in the office. Reviews have labelled the machine suitable as a home and office shredder, which is easy to set up after delivery. Users have said it is durable as is has been serving them fine over the years. Although it has difficulty with CDs, it can run through enveloped junk mail, or adhesives and credit cards.

Another review noted the product capabilities is worth its cost. It is quiet enough for use at home and in populated offices. It is also structured in a way to prevent messy surroundings. Fellowes paper shredders usually come with a one-year product and service guaranty while the cutter has a three years guaranty. The product and service guaranty is subject to monthly lubrication of the cutter. Lubrication is simple, just sprinkle some oil on few papers and pass them through the cutter.


When choosing a shredder for your home or office use, it is important you know the different types of shredder available to help you in deciding which will adequately meet your needs. Generally, there are three types of shredders, each with a different level of security.


This type of shredder simply cuts the papers into long strips (as long as the original sheet being shredded) measuring ¼ inches in width, using a rotating blade, which can be put back together if necessary, as this type of shredder is the least randomized. Security level for this shredder is basic (Level P-2) Shredded paper still take up much space since they are not compressed. If all you need to shred is just some basic papers like a receipt, junk mails, and a few office papers, a strip cut shredder will meet your light use needs.


This type of shredder cuts a sheet of paper into several little shapes measuring 7/32 x 1-27/32 inches, ranging from rectangular to circular to lozenge to a parallelogram, using two contra-rotating knives. However, shredded pieces can still be re-arranged given special time and resources. Insecurity grade level, this type of shredder is higher than strip-cut shredder (Level P-3-4). Although it is faster than micro-cut, its security level is lower than the latter. Used mostly for small businesses or personal use, it’s still ok for certain confidential documents.


This type of shredder has the highest level of security (Level P-5) among the three types of shredders, as it chops paper into tiny pieces like confetti measuring 5/32 x 15/32 inches. If you desire to shred in line with federal government regulations for document destruction, then you will need a micro-cut shredder. Micro-cut shredders cut between 6-8 times smaller than cross-cut shredders, a single paper shredded with micro-cut will produce 2235 pieces compared to the same sheet of paper shredded using a cross-cut shredder, you will have just 360 pieces. The difference is incredible. Such confetti pieces can never be reassembled again. It is ideal for highly sensitive documents or other documents prone to security hassles or identity theft and discovery.


On a larger (quantity machine can handle over a length of time) and tinnier (size of shredded pieces) scale, we have other types of shredders mostly used for commercial purposes and as an industrial shredder. They include disintegrator, hammer mills and pierce-and-tear shredders. The smaller the pieces of shredded material is, the higher its security, these three types just mentioned cut paper into micro tiny pieces, if you want to have an idea, think of a sheet of paper in over 12,000 pieces.

Disintegrators chop paper into pieces so small they can pass through a screen using multiple blades, two of the blades are at a fixed point while the other blades rotate at the center. They can also so heavy duty work like a fast shred of discs and USB flash drives.

Those looking for a way to turn their papers to dust can use the Hammer Mill. It has rotating hammer blades which could be sharp or blunt. This commercial paper shredder is mostly used by companies in the paper shredding business.When a company sends their truck to pick up you’re for shredding’ basket, where does the paper go? No need to think further, it is simply dumped into a truck that has installed a Pierce-and-tear shredder technology. This type of industrial paper shredder works by poking holes into the papers before tearing it apart into tiny bits using multiple rotating blades. Apart from paper, it works well for cardboards and newspapers.


As earlier noted, in choosing the royal paper shredder, you will need to take into cognizance your home or office specific needs and other incidental issues. This means you will need to answer some questions. Do you have a little or a ton of papers to shred? Do you want something with a sleek design, and while serving as an office accessory, it simultaneously has high utility? Or knowing that paper shredders can be dangerous, so you want something with a safety system for children and pets? The budget may also force you to be on the lookout for the cheap paper shredder. Does answering all these questions just to pick the best shredder to look daunting?

To help you make things easier, just answer these Triple-S questions.








The size of your paper load before and after shredding will determine the kind of paper shredder to purchase. If you have just a few papers for shredding and thus looking for an economic shredder, two of the five top shredders reviewed above will meet your needs. They are AMAZON BASICS 8-SHEET STRIP-CUT PAPER SHREDDER and AMAZON BASICS 6-SHEET CROSS-CUT PAPER SHREDDER. If you need a shredder with higher capacity than these two, consider Fellowes Power shred W11C 11-Sheet Cross-cut shredder, Fellows Powershred 79Ci 16-Sheet cross-cut shredder and Amazon Basics 12-sheet micro cut shredder, in that order.Picking a shredder according to the size of shredded paper is much easier, strip cut is little long strips of a sheet, cross-cut will give you smaller sizes than strip-cut, while micro-cut will achieve 8x smaller than cross-cut. So, depending on the sensitivity of the confidential documents involved, you can pick Amazon Basics 8-sheet strip-cut, Amazon Basics 6-sheet cross-cut, Fellowes Powershred W11C 11-sheet cross-cut, Fellowes Power shreds 79Ci 16-sheets cross-cut, or Amazon Basics 12-sheet micro-cut, in that order.The length of time you need a shredder to run might feature in your decision. Fellowes Power shreds 79Ci 16-sheet cross-cut shredder run the longest at 20 minutes before needing a cool down period. The other shredders reviewed have a run time ranging from 2-8 minutes nonstop before needing a cooldown time.Location of shredder means you will have to get a smaller one if you want it under your desk, or a larger one if it will stay by the desk side.


Depending on the location the machine will occupy, or personnel who will have access to it, whether, at home or office, you will need to consider safety systems to protect children and pets. The Amazon Basics 12-sheet micro cutter is the top paper shredder for home because of its Safe-Secure technology that shuts off the shredder when its sensors pick a hand or other body part nearby. The other shredders also have some measure of the security system.As mentioned during an analysis of types of shredders, the size of the shredded sheet determines the level of security and possibility or impossibility of reassembling. Strip cut shredders will shred a sheet into about 39 pieces measuring 7/32 x length of the sheet, this is a Level P-2 security, the lowest in the hierarchy. Cross-cut shredders will cut a sheet into about 302 pieces measuring 5/32 x 2-5/32 inches, this is a Level P-3-4 security. Micro-cut shredders cut a sheet into 3770 pieces measuring 5/64 x 5/16 inches, this is a Level P-5 security, such cannot be reassembled.


Looking for special features on your shredders, like the thermal system, sensors, or touchscreen and sleek design? Some shredders have one or two of these features that make modern shredders easy to use. Check out for shredders with energy saving technology and auto start to help you conserve power utility. Some shredders have an electronic jam lock system, while for others it is manual, select whichever one is okay with you.Furthermore, you might be looking for a paper shredder that can handle certain other materials apart from paper, like paper clips, credit cards and ATM cards, most of the shredders reviewed can carry out these tasks, but one item at a time.


I hope you have learnt as much as I did going on this little journey. Paper shredders have become an office accessory many almost can’t do without. Wondered what to do with the attic cramped with old, no longer needed papers? Just get one of the reviewed products and start shredding! Recover your valuable space for other productive uses. You can get a durable efficient shredder, depending on the specific needs you have, from as low as $29.99.

Most people claim they are searching for a ‘quiet’ shredder, that will probably never be a reality because as long as some blades are whirling, they will make some sort of noise. However, most of the modern shredders are silent with as low as 60-70 decibels. With the micro-cut shredders, you can sleep easy, knowing you are safe from security hassles or identity theft and discovery. Modern technology is daily adding features to shredders aimed at increasing their safety and efficiency. Must check this for more brands and suitable product for the best paper shredder.

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