How to use a paper shredder oil?

How to use a paper shredder oil

A paper shredder is a usefull investment for any business that gives the security for sensitive or unwanted documents of your business throw away that no someone can retrieve this information. However, your paper shredders can jammed with paper dust builds up inside the cutting assembly and stop working. The main reason this dust is generated due to the paper shredding process. So, frequently oiling of paper shredder is a necessary maintenance process that keeping the paper shredder functioning properly and extend its life.

The frequency of oiling is determined by a some of element as the amount paper being shredded, the type of paper being shredded and determined whether the paper shredding is continuous or interruption. The time to do good job to oil the paper shredder each time the wastebasket is emptied.

Why should the maintenance for your paper shredder by oil?

How to use a paper shredder oil

The main cause that you should oil your paper shredder is to keep it in great operation and extend its life. Lubricating paper shredder by oil is very easy task and does not take much time.

If you have a micro cut or cross cut paper shredder, it’s need to be oiled more frequently than strip cut paper shredder. Besides, the amount of pages sheet into the shredder or the type of material at one time that also effect the performance of paper shredder and oiling requirements.

Just use only paper shredder oil to lubricate paper shredder because it’s specifically designed to lubricate heat treated shredder cylinders. The paper shredder will run quickly, smoothie, reduce strain on the paper shredder’s engine and extend its life.

These methods that you can use to oil your paper shredder:

How to use a paper shredder oil

  • The first is to squirt a small amount of the paper shredder oil into an entire piece of paper and onto the cutting heads in zig-zag motion.
  • Make sure to unplug paper-shredder and then spread the oil into the paper shredder’s opening. Once you have squirted the oil in, operate in the manual reverse mode for about 10-15 seconds that making sure oils scattered throughout the shredder cylinders.
  • Shredding a few sheets of paper to remove excess oil from the blades cut.
  • Regularly oiling paper shredder with a shredder grease will improve the performance and lifespan for paper shredders.
  • How frequently to lubricate paper shredder will be do it each time that you empty the wastebasket or once per month, if the paper shredder using very infrequently to maintain maximum cutting performance.

How to use a paper shredder oil

No matter which of these methods you choose, we’re know how important oiling a paper shredder. So, you should start use paper shredder oil to lubricate paper shredder that will operate a quickly, smoothie, effectively and extend the life for the paper shredder. Finally, let see the video below to better understand the grease lubrication process for paper shredders.

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